Making a Difference…

mattbloxham “It is my goal to not only increase the number of jobs available in Idaho but to increase average income levels as well. To do this I will be committed to working with state and local economic development organizations to create and build upon the business and family friendly atmosphere that Idaho has to offer potential partners. Our focus needs to remain on bringing in more, higher paying jobs and retaining our hard-working, educated, Idaho-based work force.”

– Matt Bloxham

Keeping it Local

  • From Pocatello & Idaho for Pocatello & Idaho
  • Protecting Idaho from the overextended arm of the federal government
  • Providing a common sense conservative voice from within the majority party in Boise

Health Care

  • Striving to minimize the harmful impact of the “Affordable Care Act” upon the people of Idaho
  • Developing preventative care and wellness programs
  • State Health Care Exchange reform and development


  • Working to keep Idaho schools affordable for Idaho families
  • Improve the quality of education from Kindergarten through Higher Education
  • Continue to support and develop K-12 programs such as:
    • fast forward
    • 8 in 6 for online education
    • dual enrollment & distance learning

Economic Development

  • Bringing in more jobs, higher paying jobs
  • Expanding the local economy to a global business environment
  • Keeping Idaho’s educated labor force in Idaho