For hard-working, ready-to-listen, common sense leadership that Pocatello deserves, vote strong new leadership…


Strong, New, Leadership. This is exactly what you’ll get with Matt Bloxham representing you in the Idaho House of Representatives!

I am running for election to the Idaho House of Representatives in Legislative District 29 Seat A with the hope of bringing these attributes to Boise. I would truly be honored to have your support throughout my campaign. Your willingness to contribute to the Vote Bloxham campaign will have a lasting impact and will be greatly appreciated!

In these trying times it is critical that we have leadership in the State of Idaho that you can count on. I am committed to serving you and the people of Idaho. You can count on me to put in the necessary time, energy and dedication that this state deserves.

I bring a fresh perspective and innovative thinking to the Legislature. As a lifelong Idahoan I, along with you, have experienced the hardships of the recession. I am willing to not only hear your concerns but work to resolve them as we work to create a better, stronger economic environment in the great State of Idaho.

This campaign will be an uphill battle. To win this battle I will need your help! With your contribution and with your support we can win this election and send a principled, common sense conservative to Boise. Your donation will be a critical first step in my effort to keep moving in the direction of expanded freedom and growing prosperity.

Please make your campaign contribution to support Strong New Leadership today:


Vote Bloxham Campaign

PO BOX 4911

Pocatello, ID 83205

Thank you for your support,

Matt Bloxham